A deeper search engine.

Traditional search engines avoid indexing information they find useless. This information is often in hard to process formats, lie in hard to reach areas like the dark web, or exist in internal networks. This data may be too detailed or not detailed enough.

allows users to search, interact, crowdsource, and analyze this information, known as dark data. We publish research on our findings and provide the community with tools to conduct dark data browsing.

We use PageRank.

PageRank is a major hurdle we want to address with Darksearch. It is Google’s signature algorithm used to calculate the order of search results, mainly focusing on the legitimacy of a site via reputable backlink count. A major problem with implementing this on the dark web, is that hidden services are constantly changing domain names. A hidden service’s PageRank will always be difficult to calculate if the links referencing a domain are dynamic. Therefore, we track the changes dark web sites undergo, account for replicated servers, and provide analytics on how dark data changes.